As I’ve had my iPhone X for 24 hours now, I thought I’d jot down a few of my thoughts and observations:

  • It is beautiful. I know it’s ridiculously expensive, it’s only a phone, and it really doesn’t do anything more than my previous phone, but it is beautiful and I love it already
  • The Home Bar / lack of a Home Button is surprisingly easy to get used to. It feels completely natural to swipe on the screen rather than press a button. So far so good!
  • Face ID was really easy to set up and works really well. It did seem to struggle the first time I used it when I woke up this morning - the angle and my bleary eyes may have stumped it! I’m intrigued at how well it’s going to manage when I’m at work and my phone is lying on my desk…to be continued
  • Notifications being private on the lock screen but then “magically” expanding with the detail when my phone knows it’s me looking at it is really cool.
  • The notch isn’t too annoying so far. In fact, haven’t really noticed it. This might be because I’ve spent the last couple of months working with the iPhone X simulator in Xcode so I’m already used to it though. I’d be interested to hear how everyone else is finding it.
  • I am however a little distracted by the way different apps use the screen behind the Home Bar. It still looks a bit experimental and as a developer I can understand why. There are also quite a few apps yet to update so they are letterboxed but this is less annoying than the apps that didn’t update for the first Plus screens.
  • Not having the battery percentage displayed is a tad irritating. It’s only one swipe to reveal the control center to see the percentage but it irks me a little
  • It’s taking me some time to get used to swiping from the top of the screen for the control center rather than from the bottom. I use it a lot so I will have to retrain my brain
  • I love the size of the phone. I had the 7 Plus before this and the 6 Plus before that because I loved the bigger screen. Having quite small hands though I often struggled to use my phone one handed. With the iPhone X, I get a beautiful big screen with an easier to handle handset.
  • The Auto Set up in iOS11 was really smooth - a big improvement
  • A tiny thing but I love the fact that the ping phone logo on my Apple Watch has updated to be an iPhone X. Cute attention to detail Apple!
  • I do keep picking my phone up upside down as when it’s in standby it’s not easy to tell at a glance which was is the right way up! I have the Space Grey version, maybe the silver one doesn’t have that issue
  • I need to get a wireless charging pad so I can try that out..

I’d be interested to hear how everyone else is finding it so far